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Rebel Favorites: August.

Happy August!

Like most months this year, not much has happened this August! It’s been seriously HOT and I am over the weather like, since June. I work part-time in my friend’s clothing shop and we’re already putting out and buying fall clothes and it has me hankering for sweater weather HARDCORE. But since I live in Satan’s armpit, AKA Sacramento, it probably won’t be cool until October first.

I have, however, already started my fall baking! I just could not seem to wait until a reasonable time to start it. Truly, food bloggers have to start our baking ahead of schedule in order for people like you to see it on Pinterest and social media channels in time for the actual season… that’s why you sometimes see us posting Christmas stuff as soon as Halloween, because by the time you search for Christmas stuff around Christmastime, it will have gained traction on Pinterest, etc.

My puppers are doing good which I am so blessed to say. Mannie (pictured above!) is slowing down some, but only a teensy bit. Doctors are still pleased to hear that he doesn’t have any symptoms of arthritis (he’s a tripod!) and I am grateful for that. Jack, my Shorkie, is doing great – curious as ever. He’s really come out of his shell and I am so thankful for that as well!

Now let’s get into some links and things I’m loving this month! As always, feel free to leave links you’re loving in the comments.

ALLLLL about this! I’m not a fan of meat so this sounds right up my alley!

…Although this may change my tune about chicken!

This sounds super yummy while it is still toasty outside.

Just picked up this dress and am loving it for fall! The color is perfect and the pattern is so me!

Um, and so was this dress! I couldn’t resist.

I def don’t need this, but I want it.

I talked about this before, but I am still loving this face oil! Super hydrating, dries fast and super glowy!

Perfect late-summer dinner alert!

And yeah, this is most def happening in my kitchen asap.

When it comes to books, I’m reading this right now and enjoying it thoroughly! Not as gruesome as I’m used to (which I’m kinda disappointed about – ha!) but still very good.

This book comes out September 10th and I’m so excited! I’ve read Caitlin’s other books and they’re fantastic, so I have high hopes for this one, too.

Also picked up this one to read after that! I can’t get enough of these medical examiner books!

And after watching (and LOVING!!!) Mindhunter, I really want to read John E Douglas’ book!

I am OBSESSED with these pants! I bought the denim and mustard color. So flattering and look WAY more expensive than they are!

This sounds fantastic.

And each month I do a “splurge” where if I had the money, I would splurge on this item! This month’s splurge is not the most glamorous, but boy am I lusting after this Bissell pet vacuum! I just find my current one so lackluster, and this pet-specific one sounds PERFECT.

Well, that’s it for August! See you next month!

Have a super great weekend!

xo, Hayley

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