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Investing & Owning a Condominium Home

Homeowner Associations (HOA)

Condo owners are required to be members of the Homeowner Association, the Board of Directors (BOD) have the legal authority to issue special assessments & fines, place a lien on a property, and even foreclose.
More Info: Homeowner Association 101

Lifestyle Restrictions

The Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, and any rules implemented by the BOD, restrict the use of a condominium, e.g. decorating, rentals, pets, visitors, use of common areas, etc.

Common Property

HOA members own an undivided share of the common property and are responsible for an equitable portion of the repair and maintenance expenses; poor maintenance of the facility can result in $1000’s of unexpected expenses.

Financial Planning

HOA’s should have a periodic reserve study performed to assess the physical condition of the property and ensure the reserve fund is equitable & meets the future needs of the community.

Legal Issues

In addition to general liability insurance, the HOA should have a Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy payable to the Association, as indemnification for losses resulting from negligence, fraud, or conflict of interest by the BOD.
More Info: Board of Directors 101

Property Defects

An Inspection can save you money by identifying defects, and documenting the age, condition & life-span of the major systems.
*The Seller or Agent should reimburse you for the cost of an inspection.

Peace of Mind

A Home Warranty offers peace of mind, it just makes sense for everyone – no one knows when a component will fail.
*The Seller or Agent should provide you with a warranty.

Experience Matters

Always work with someone that will protect your interest, and has experience in the various issues of resort property.

I’m a consumer advocate with a lifetime of real estate experience, if you’re interested in buying resort property, I can help –  contact me anytime.

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